Day 2.

All I wanted.

All I ever wanted right from the moment our eyes locked was to make you happy. I’m sorry I failed. But really. I know, you’re not really okay. Maybe I’m wrong, but I just want you to be happy, because you made me happy. Even only for a short period of time, you did. And the only thing I regret was the time I upset you. I’m sorry. I’m sorry..

Day 2 of the so called “moving on”. HOW THE FUCK IS IT EVEN POSSIBLE, you were never mine, yet here I am :( Not making any progress at all.. I “want” to forget you.. I still want you to be happy though, and I wish I was too. I know you’re happy now, but I don’t think you’re really “okay”. Sorry again, that I failed. I wasn’t able to grow flowers in your saddest parts, and it drives me mad. I don’t want to be the reason for your happiness,I want to be the one who shows you what to be happy about. But then again, I’m not one happy person either and I don’t want you to end up like me.. I don’t even know anymore.


But when our fingers interlock.

Can’t Deny, can’t deny you’re worth it.

Cause after all this time.I’m still into you

I should be over all the butterflies

But i’m into you (I’m in to you).


I was feeling kinda bitter , I WAS bitter,but truth is..Happy to hear your voice. Shit. Got to lie next to you, resting on your arms, and you bringing me closer to you, I don’t know if we held hands or not. But I think I had the chance to actually just hold it and you stroking my skin but I moved you away because I was scared. Scared I have to love you stronger than before, I have been trying to forget you but I successfully failed. you suddenly became distant the moment I asked you why you left me, you said you’re not ready, I understand, that’s why I’ll wait.. Your friends say you love me, even said “Realtalk” so I don’t know if I should believe them or not, I’ll still wait, I’ll still love you, that never changed. 


Happiness will find me. Leave the past behind me.

I’m happy happy happy :) Aaaaaah haha. *kilig*


I want you.

The more I talk to you, the more I like you. The emotion keeps on growing inside, deeper than the last time I let myself love.I hate this, I know I’ll assume. And I don’t want to lose another opportunity but I really really have to wait for life to do its  business.. I’m happy we got to open up a bit more :)

Last day of exams today yayy ! :) Then went to SM wif best buddies <3


Ice Cream.

talked to him, it’s okay :) We’ll be good friends I hope :) I forgot my charger at Nikka’s , poor me. huhu, I’m also not yet studying for physics. :( bye for now.



Warmth & Security. Cuddles..

Excitement and anxiousness envelopes me when I saw your name. Questions quickly filled up my mind. What if we meet ? How would I be able to react ? Seeing your name makes my heart skip a beat , what about when I finally get to meet and talk to you, would I be able to contain my emotions or randomly shout and die? 

I hate this. I don’t like the feeling of falling in love(I hope not) and assuming. Making scenarios of the future in my head. I have to stop it before it gets worse and I embarrass myself in public.


Falling for your eyes but they don’t know me yet.

Can’t stop thinking about what will happen, what I would do and what side of me should he see. Goodnight.